An omnichain social
yield infrastructure.

Reinvent the Way to Generate Yield

The infrastructure for creating and sharing complex strategies, leveraging the most innovative DeFi protocols.
Capital Efficiency & Composability pushed to their limits in a secure way.
Reinvent the Way to Generate Yield

Unleash Your DeFi Potential

Use our out-of-the-box tool to create strategies in an instant.
No code required, just drag & drop the block of your choice.

Empower Your Community

Tailor your strategies to your community's needs. Share and discover opportunities across protocols and chains.
Stay informed of the best strategies through social ranking.

Monetize your knowledge

Chain abstraction brought to the world, invest in strategies of your choice in just one click.
Earnings & Management completely monitored for you.
Monetize your knowledge


Discover innovative projects to integrate into your strategies.

We Are Strateg

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